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Technology Of Goalkeeping

Seize The Moment With A Grip That Won’t Slip

Elite Sport uses only specially-formulated and patented latex to achieve unrivaled grip, comfort and flexibility, without sacrificing durability. All Elite goalkeeper gloves are match-ready, with our high-quality latex on the palm, backhand and wrist strap.

Palm Latex:

  • Elite Contact Series
  • Elite EsTec Series
  • Elite Control Series

Even The Best Defense
Needs Reinforcements

Goalkeepers’ fingers can be vulnerable to impact, so Elite Sport gloves defend you, while you defend the goal.

Elite gloves are constructed with either 4 or 5 removable finger supports (spines) produced to safeguard and provide maximum protection…the goalkeeper’s armor.

The Winning Goalkeeper May Be The One Who Reached Just A Bit Further…

To ensure Elite Sport gloves stretch
comfortably with the hands, not against them, there are 5 to 7 elastic panels of material in every glove, depending on the model.

Be Impenetrable. We’ve Got Your Backing

All Elite sport gloves have 4 or 5 mm of cushioned backing foam, combined with Elite Sport’s proprietary latex and high tech fabric. Gloves are sufficiently reinforced in the Shock Zone to protect the hands when punching and blocking incoming balls. Elite Sport’s proprietary latex ensures they have extended durability with frequent, aggressive use.

Some Shock Zones are flat, while others feature Elite Sport’s specially-constructed 3D embossing.

Cool Gloves. Cool Hands.

Because goalkeepers already have plenty of reasons to sweat, Elite Sport has developed a high-tech fabric that features Air Ventilation Management AVM™ to enable air circulation within the gloves. When the hands stay cool, the head can stay cooler.

Details In The Palm Of Your Hands

Every surface of Elite Sport Gloves is critical to the goalkeeper’s style and technique.
So, naturally, Elite Sport has six models of palm cuts: Speed, Roll, Negative Roll (NRoll), Negative, Hybrid (2 Roll,
2 Negative) and Flat.
The truly experienced goalkeeper will also want to choose the wrap design,
based on how they use the outer edge of their hands: wrapped thumb, double wrapped thumb or side wrap.







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