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Winning Gloves Win Games

Professional Grip Is Our Foundation

Elite Sport has developed its own latex, featuring superior durability and grip. The brand believes that goalkeepers deserve optimal performance from their gloves from day one, when they are just learning the responsibility of defending the net, and throughout their career. This frees them to focus on their technique, experience and attitude.

Good Defense Begins With Fortified Materials

We pick the best defensive players to support our goalkeepers, so why not choose the best materials for their gloves? Elite Sport believes that gloves should be durable, unyielding and fit for each match – minimizing substitutions and replacements.

Built-In Elasticity, So Winning Isn’t A Stretch

All Elite goalkeeper gloves are produced with the optimal degree of elasticity to ensure just the right hand-in-glove fit. There is enough room to flex and reach, yet fitting enough to feel the synergy between the gloves and their hands, as they stretch to steal the ball from an otherwise certain goal.

Great Quality and Value for Money. That’s Priceless.

Goalkeeper gloves are known to wear out quickly, but you don’t need to give in to lower standards! Elite Sport was created to provide durable, professional-quality, edgy-designed gloves that are priced affordably. Expertly designed and manufactured goalie gloves that are accessible to everyone is a real game changer!
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